Why PRAP Japan?

Leading strategic consulting and comprehensive communications services

  • Media relations strength built on over 40-year experience and an extensive network maintained through 200 professionals
  • Top media training track record in the industry with over 160 media and crisis training sessions per year
  • Unparalleled ability to develop specialized skills through internal knowledge sharing scheme
  • Customized and integrated approach with thorough planning capabilities based on vast experience in diverse industries and scale of business operations
  • Highly specialized industry know-how in finance, healthcare, IT, consumer and public affairs
  • Tailored localized approach for global companies


Food and Agriculture

PRAP Japan has a wealth of experience in meeting the communications needs of companies and organizations in the food & beverage and agriculture industries. Our clients range from a leading global restaurant chain, a multinational beverage manufacturer and food export organizations to niche products new to the Japan market.

Beauty and Fashion

PRAP has forged exceptional ties within the fashion and beauty industry through its extensive experience, including working with one of the world’s largest hair care companies for over a decade. We have deep understanding of what it takes to deliver results for our clients’ products and initiatives through effectively planning promotional materials and exceptional events. PRAP Japan’s fashion and beauty department ensures that your brand resonates with the consumer.

Travel and Tourism

PRAP's dedicated travel and tourism team has a wealth of experience with some of the most successful and prestigious brands operating both inside and outside of Japan. Its clients include Japanese and foreign hotel chains, resorts, airlines and tourism offices of countries all around the world.

Art and Culture

PRAP's art and culture team are successful not only in building and sustaining brand awareness for Japanese clients, but also bridging the cultural divide to deliver success for foreign clients. Their achievements include generating unprecedented levels of media coverage for the launch of a fashion brand by two Hollywood actresses, and boldly unveiling Takashi Murakami’s publicity campaign, expanding his global popularity to include Japan. Closer to home, this team has also worked on behalf of Taro Okamoto’s foundation, bringing international attention to his work through the unveiling of his mural in Shibuya station.


PRAP's 20-person strong healthcare communications team leads with innovative ideas and is supported by years of experience working alongside global leaders in the healthcare industry. Our team annually manages over 30 projects involving 20 different firms, ranging from pharmaceutical companies to medical equipment manufacturers and academic organizations. Beyond marketing communications for pharmaceutical products and medical devices, the healthcare team also brings expertise in corporate communications and promoting a variety of treatments including for highly specialized diseases, lifestyle-related pathologies and anti-aging treatments.


The financial communications department offers expertise in strategic communications related to various financial transactions, corporate and crisis communications for a wide range of securities companies, investment banks and funds.

Three core service areas:

1. Mergers & Acquisitions

Management integrations
Corporate alliance announcements
Takeover bids (friendly and hostile)
Defense communications
Shareholder proposals

2. Financial Institutions

Corporate communications for financial institutions, including banks, brokerages, investment bank insurers, nonbanks, real estate investment trusts, and mutual funds.

3. Investor Relations

Financial results announcements
Analyst meetings
Strategic IR programs

Information Technology

PRAP Japan maintains one of the largest IT departments among Japanese PR companies. Our clients include a diverse selection of the world’s leading technology companies. Many of our staff have IT industry backgrounds, informing our cutting-edge communications that keep pace with today’s rapidly changing world.

Global Coverage

International network and experience through PRAP Japan, PRAP China, and collaboration with PROI Worldwide.

Wide coverage of key markets in APAC, Americas and EMEA.

Global Coverage