What We Do

With more than 250 public relations professionals, PRAP Japan, Inc. is one of the largest PR consultancies in Japan. Your dedicated account team can be created from a wide range of content experts best suited to your needs.

We offer comprehensive services, that cover all industry sectors and all types of communication needs; from corporate branding, product publicity to crisis communications.

A dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you on a daily basis and when a situation arises requiring additional resources, PRAP has the capacity to scale up the team quickly.

What We Do

Our Services

Types of Services

  • Marketing Communications

    Our PR consultants create PR stories to increase consumer and media awareness, with the power to influence social change. For this, we are widely recognized by our peers as well as by the numerous PR awards we have received.

  • Corporate Branding

    Corporate analysis / environment analysis / media tone analysis: our in-house analysis teams use the power of big data to formulate the right strategies to elevate our clients’ corporate value.

  • Crisis Communications

    We conduct over 200 media trainings programs per year in our own dedicated on-site media training facilities. Our professional crisis management consultants come from backgrounds in both the public and private sector, and can provide strategic guidance and comprehensive support during times of crisis to companies in all industries.
  • Event Management

    Our consultants design events with the right strategic message and the right network of guests to attract the media, and working together seamlessly with our in-house event production team we can provide a smooth event journey that will guarantee effective coverage.

  • Content Production

    Our consultants develop content based on digital analysis of current affairs, attracting the attention of the media, consumers and the community.

Industry Sectors

  • Healthcare

    Our PR healthcare consultants have long-standing client relationships with pharmaceutical companies and we are adept at organizing awareness-raising events, and leveraging our networks of media and key opinion leaders in the medical industry.

  • Financial

    Our financial PR team has strong relationships with media and bloggers in the financial industry and has successfully implemented PR strategies for both Japanese and international global financial institutions.

  • Technology

    With the IT industry dominating all sectors, it is essential to have PR consultants with experience and knowledge of the industry as well as a strong network of media and key opinion leaders. Our consultants have the expertise and the networks to provide support for all areas within the IT industry.

  • Energy

    PRAP Japan has supported business expansion communication activities and ongoing PR support for a renewable energy multi-national corporation, and our consultants are familiar with the intricacies of the renewable energy market. We leveraged our network of partner PR agencies in multiple regions to develop dynamic PR campaigns all controlled by our client in Tokyo.
  • Automobiles

    PRAP Japan provides PR support for automobile manufacturers from luxury vehicles to mass-market cars and has the networks with media and key opinion leaders to provide a high level of PR expertise within the automobile industry.
  • Culture/Fashion/Art

    Our consultants constantly stay ahead of the latest trends to support the lifestyle marketing PR essential for hotel chains, fashion brands, cosmetic brands, museums and galleries etc. We formulate social media and digital influencer plans together with our clients to leverage trends and ensure awareness.
  • Food/Restaurants

    PRAP Japan has supported overseas and domestic well-established national brands providing strategic guidance and crisis management consultation as well as developing creative and attractive campaigns using data analysis and consumer insight.
  • Travel

    As an organization, we have provided PR support to increase brand recognition for not only domestic and international airlines, the transportation industry, hotels, resorts etc. but also for new companies entering the Japan market in the travel and lodging industry, to the extent that we successfully shaped public opinion leading to government level reform.
  • Retail

    With the PR of numerous commercial facilities still currently under contract, PRAP Japan has a well-established reputation for planning and implementing promotion and awareness events to increase visitors.

Institute of Digital PR

PRAP Japan established the Institute of Digital PR to conduct research into the current media environment, study how information spreads in the digital age, and to find solutions to the communications challenges facing corporations.

Our institute conducts ongoing research in the three areas below:

  • 1. Media

    By surveying and analyzing the relationships surrounding digital media and its influence, and the connection between individuals and society, we seek to deepen understanding of the extremely personalized digital media habits of consumers.
  • 2. Mechanism

    Using large-scale data accumulation and statistical analysis with our proprietary technology, we can gain insights into the mechanism by which information spreads.
  • 3. Measurement

    The development of effective, objective and relevant measurement methods for our digital PR campaigns.
  • Digital PR Platform

    PRAP Japan’s Digital PR Platform distributes news releases to all of Japan’s top news outlets, and gains reprints through their portal services. This ensures our clients gain exposure in all the relevant media for their industry, all at the click of a button.
  • Influencer Marketing

    PRAP Japan has ongoing relationships with Japan’s top influencer marketing companies. We can find the most suitable and effective influencers for our client's product or service, managing the entire process from casting, to handling and executing campaigns.
  • Digital Media Wiki

    Our Digital Media Wiki is a database of over 1700 digital media in Japan, each ranked according to their influence and power, based on their distribution, number of viewers and spread in social media. This enables us to understand which media are the most suitable to approach and target for our clients.
  • BUZZ News Analyzer

    The BUZZ News Analyzer is PRAP Japan’s proprietary development tool to analyze news shared online and track engagement on behalf of our clients, their industries and their competitors. With insight on what gets shared, we can revise and plan our strategies accordingly.