Creating innovative digital solutions that draw attention from customers and within PRAP

A dedicated digital solution team identifies trends in buzz and derive rules for great success by analyzing huge volumes of data in an effort to offer highly strategic digital PR plans that cannot be worked out solely through planners’ sensitivity or empirical knowledge. In addition, taking advantage of a comprehensive PR company, PRAP Japan, Inc. focuses not only on engagement in digital media and social media but also digital creative planning and development from PR perspectives that can be covered and reported by mass media.


  • Digital Media PR
    Planning and development of digital communication strategies aimed at spreading information online through reputation formation and buzz creation. Development of optimized PR activities in the digital sector based on in-depth know-how gained as an integrated PR company.
    Online strategy consulting / Online media tie-ups / Use of owned media / Measure effectiveness
  • PR Automation
    Japan's first SaaS cloud service that realizes digital transformation (DX) of public relations business.
    PR Automation
    Planning support / Press release distribution / Coverage and reprints in leading alliance media / Media relation management / Clipping / Distribution result analysis / Report creation etc.
  • Creative Production
    Production of a wide range of online content, PR videos, and PR tools aimed at online media, owned media, and social media.
  • Social Media PR
    Capability to develop comprehensive social media PR that links with various marketing policies.
    Setting up social media accounts and providing operational support / Planning and running social media campaigns / Content production / Planning and managing eventstargeting bloggers / Establishing relationships with influential bloggers
  • Influencer Marketing
    Making full use of a strong network with influencers capable of creating social media impact, such as celebrities, models, noted bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers, and gaining attention through interconnected publicity activities.
  • Measures for social risk
    Total support program to prepare for viral complaints on social media. Protection of company, brand, and employees in the case of a viral outcry.
    Development of diverse guidelines / Social listening (24 hrs/day, 365 days/week) / Social risk training in preparation for a social media crisis