Producing stories of communication that remain long in the memory of audiences rather than furnishing transient topics

Over 250 PR professionals of PRAP Japan, Inc., provide support for the communication activities of various companies and organizations with knowledge of every industry and media environment. We focus on producing stories of communication that enhance clients’ social value. We communicate with clients on how their business or products can contribute to solve current social issues so that they can obtain empathy from people as indispensable entities for daily life and modern society. We develop such communications that remain long in the memory of audiences.


  • Public Relations Consulting
    Diverse research and analysis methods to establish the communication challenge. Message formulation and planning, professional PR expertise.
    Analysis of communication environment / Public relations planning / PR material selection / Sharing media trends / Press interview advice / Reviews/verifications / Competitive trend analyses
  • Press Releases / Newsletters
    Creation of press release materials concerning the message to be conveyed, ensuring timings, layouts, and styles best suited for press organizations. Development of PR stories to convey company and product values, following the 3 news principles of social relevance, topicality, and originality.
  • Surveys / Research Publicity
    Consumer surveys and joint research with specialists which report on important issues and deliver credible data to position your company as a trusted influencer seeking to understand industry issues.
    Survey and research planning / Selection negotiations for joint / research partners / Survey and research results analysis / Media material development
  • Press Conferences
    Large-scale press conferences for announcements on new business, products, and services. From presentation consulting and content through to complete management support on the day.
  • Public Relations Events
    PR event planning, selection of a brand representatives (e.g. celebrities), stage management, and content creation to best convey the brand image and secure a high degree of media attention.
  • Press Seminars/Roundtables
    Interactive study sessions between press and experts to deliver in-depth knowledge, raise awareness, and reinforce media relationships.
    E.g. Appointment of doctors and patients for disease and treatment awareness measures in the healthcare field. Data provision from educational corporations, research institutions, and consulting firms.
  • Feature Stories
    Social listening and trend observation/analysis to create inspirational stories and to secure special feature articles and broadcasts.
  • People Publicity
    Securing one-on-one interview articles with CEO and top executives. Expansion of publicity measures to fully leverage key figures externally and internally.
  • Press Tours
    Invitation of major media and directors to corporate facilities for detailed on-site tours. Location coordination provided to local governments.
    Local tours to factories and laboratories, tourist facilities (domestic and overseas), location coordination etc.
  • Media Tie-ins
    Development of customized, effective tie-in articles with newspapers, magazines and online media with interesting angles and storylines.
  • Inbound Public Relations
    Distribution of tourist and commercial information to increase number of foreign visitors. Utilizing the mass media, as well as social media.
    Press releases and tours for foreign media / Tie-in articles with media read by visitors to Japan / Utilization of foreign SNS / Development of foreign language support tools / Foreign language homepage support
  • Public Relations Overseas (PRAP China)
    Seamless communication with local government, media, businesses and consumers. Strategic consultation and support from local team.
  • Influencer Relations
    Academics, researchers, and celebrities as well as selected experts/organizations in various fields boost the credibility of your outgoing messages and increase the effectiveness of PR measures.
  • Investor Relations
    Expertise in strategic communications related to financial transactions, corporate and crisis communications for a wide range of securities companies, investment banks and funds from a team of experienced financial consultants.
  • Internal Communication
    Structuring of internal communications, tool development for communication programs focusing on knowledge-sharing, internal training, and employee awareness and employee loyalty.
    In-house workshops / Employee surveys / Town hall meetings / All-employee meetings / Company-internal SNS, blog creation and operation / In-house newsletters / email news
  • Improving the spokesperson's image
    We provide a full support to the spokesperson who acts as a key person on behalf of all employees. He/She is required to appear in appropriate clothing and behave properly according to TPO at the time of interviews, press conferences, settlement of accounts, photography (for public relations for internal and external companies) etc.
    - Creating "Appearance Guidelines" for the employees of the specific company
    - Seminar about the appearance of the spokesperson
    - Feedback and diagnosis on the spokesperson's appearance
    - Option: Individual image consulting